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Deaf & Mute American & European Visual Sign Language Relative Accuracy Interpretation Automation & Learning System.
About us

What Is Rellekk-Z?

This Project Idea Focuses on the 15% of The World, Who Atleast have some disability. More Than 1 Billion People On This Earth Have Disability, It Can Be Visual, Physical, Mental etc. The Idea is To Develop An Assistant (Like Alexa/Siri) For Specifically Disabled People. This Project has a great scope in this modern world.

We want to improvise communication and Establish Equal Opportunities Between People Irrespective Of Their Disabilities.

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How Does The Module Work?

The Module Uses Computer Vision (CV) In Real Time At 24 FPS, Recognises Every Sign Made By The Hands Of The Human Taken At Every 12 Frames. And Then Translated To Normal English. If Requested in Any Different Language, We Use The Google Translate API to Switch The Language To Any Other Available Languages in The World.
The Unique Characteristics Of These Project Are:

Innovative Solution
Accurate Results
Easy To Handle
Creative Approach
12 *
Frames To Process
Exclusive Features
Developers Involved
69 Mil
People It Would help
We Need You Help

We Are Currently Under Development

We Are Hiring More Developers And Testers To Work on This Project!

If You're A Programmer And Have The Knowledge Of Computer Vision And Would Consider Helping Disabled People, Please Contact Us on

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